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    Foundation Bolts
    Pipe U-Bolts
    Flat Washers
    Spring Washers
    HexBolts DIN 931/933-UNC Hex Nuts ISO DIN 934/955 MM Flat washers DIN 125-A/126-A DIN 127 Straight Type
    HexBolts DIN 931/933-MM Heavy Hex Nuts ASTM A563 Gr.A & C UNC/UNF Fender washer L-Type
    HexBolts ASTM 307 A-UNC Heavy Hex Nuts ASTM A563 M(10-S)MM Flat washer ASTMF-436M J-Type
    HexBolts ASTM 307 B-UNC Heavy Hex Nuts ASTM A-194(2H) UNC/UNF
    HexBolts A325-MM Heavy Hex Nuts High Strength DIN 6915
    HexBolts A490-UNC Heavy Hex Nuts High Strength BS4190
    HexBolts A490-MM
    HexBolts BS4190-MM
    HexBolts DIN7990-MM
    • In House Heat Treatment
    • * Controlled atmospheric hardening fumace for bolts, PIT TYPE with temprature up to 1000 degrees.
    • * Tempering fumace, pit type.
    • * Annealing fumace
    • * Normalising fumace
    • * Controlled fumace with Carbon Potential monitor.
    • Surface Finish
    • * Zinc Plated with White/ Blue/ Yellow/ Green/ Black Passivation
    • * Hot Dip Galvanized
    • * Zinc, Phosphate and Oiled
    • * Black and Self